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Attendance Form

To report your student’s absence, please complete this webform or call the 24 hour Miwok Middle Attendance Line 916-395-5371.

Read each option thoroughly and select the reason that best describes your student’s absence. Please note that office staff may call to verify as necessary.

THANK YOU for helping your student attend as often as possible in order to stay on track. Attendance MATTERS!

Students should check Google Classroom for missed assignments.

Student Information

Please select the date absent or if multiple days the date absence began.

If student was absent multiple days in a row, please select the date absence ended. (The end date is the LAST DAY the student is NOT at school, NOT the date they return to school.) Please leave field blank if student was absent only one day.

Parent/Guardian or Authorized Caregiver Information
Absence Information

Please allow a minimum of 30 minutes for processing.