School Lunches
Student Letter from Nutrition Services

Dear Students,

We are so excited to begin the school year and get back to normal. We recognize the last few years have been challenging but all of you have remained strong and adaptive. The Nutrition Services Team is confident and will remain focused on its mission to provide a freshly prepared and healthy meal to our students. Our Nutrition Services team is focused on providing you the best balanced meal that will allow students to learn and grow.

There are several changes you will experience in the cafeteria this school year. We will be utilizing a POS (point of sale) system to account for your served meal. This is a computerized system that requires you to enter your student ID number or scan your barcode. All middle school and high school students will use this system to receive meals for both breakfast and lunch.

We encourage and recommend students memorize their student ID number in order to receive their meal as quickly as possible.

Student ID numbers can be found in the following locations:

  • Report cards
  • Class Schedules
  • Student ID cards
  • Student Infinite Campus

If you have a Student ID card with a barcode, you may use these with the scanners for the POS system. Having your student ID number available is important to avoid delays in receiving meals so you can eat in the lunch time provided. We want to ensure that all students have the chance to enjoy a fresh and healthy meal at school. Having your student ID number available will make a HUGE impact on the food service efficiency.

Remember: A well balanced meal consists of Milk, Protein, Bread/Grains, vegetables and fruits.

Every student must take ½ cup fruit (or vegetable for lunch) with each meal!

We hope that you all have an amazing year and nourish both your bodies and your minds.

Thank you! – From Nutrition Services Department