Counseling Services Available

Counselor: Rhianna Clifton

  • Located in room 102 on the ground floor 
  • Rhianna Clifton’s contact number is 395-5370 ext. 408026
  • To email, click on Rhianna Clifton’s name above (hyperlink)

Counselor: Jessica Kunisaki

  • Located in the main office
  • Jessica Kunisaki’s contact number is 395-5370 ext. 408029
  • To email, click on Jessica Kunisaki’s name above (hyperlink)

Counselor: Michelle Carroll

  • Located in room 102 on the ground floor
  • Michelle Caroll’s contact number is 395-5370 ext. 408051
  • To email, click on Michelle Caroll’s name above (hyperlink)

Hours – 8:00 AM to 2:35 PM – Mon thru Fri
Services – Academic/Personal-Social/High School Options

High School Options:  Counselors can help with information regarding your neighborhood high school, the High School Specialty Application, visitation events (see Visitation Schedule), high school career pathways and programs, transcripts, recommendations, etc.  Call or write to schedule a session where parent(s), student and counselor discuss high school options or other topics of concern. 

Parent-Teacher Conference (PTCs are held on Tuesdays at 2:50 or 3:20 PM)– Call to discuss holding a conference