CAASPP Testing
Important Notes Regarding Testing:

  • Some parts of the tests have sound. Students bring your own headphones/earbuds to school to use on testing days.  Understand that students are going to need headphones that connect via 3.5mm jack. (New iPhones come with lightening cable connectors and students won’t be able to use that. They also won’t be able to use Airpods either).
  • CAT = Computer Adaptive Testing. These tests most closely resemble traditional multiple choice testing.
  • Performance Task (PT) = Short answer and essay questions
  • Make-ups will generally be managed by administration, and will take place in the library or vacant classrooms.
  • Students will take the English tests with their ELA teachers, math tests with their math teachers, and science tests (8th grade only) with their science teachers. 

Visit this link for more information and practice regarding CAASPP testing